Barbecue To Die For, $4 Drinks and All You-Can-Eat Ribs At a Price You Can Afford… But It Ends Tonight…

Hey Jake;

So, your birthday’s coming up (older and wiser, right? Riiight…)! Since you had mentioned that you’ve not really tried many of the restaurants in the area, I thought the time was right to introduce you to Montana’s.

I’ve been there many times before with my wife and it has since become our favorite restaurant. 

Why’s that you might ask? After all there are plenty of places that offer “authentic Barbecue”.

Well, here’s why:

  1. The Staff. If the restaurant has slow or surly staff, you can bet we wouldn’t go there again. The staff at Montana’s are not only quick, but there hasn’t been a time where we’ve received poor service or had a waiter/waitress that was in a bad mood (and I always tip when we go, which is not something I do automatically at other restaurants).
  1. The Atmosphere. The restaurant is laid out like an old-style western saloon, with a big bar at one end with large booths separating it from the main dining area. Everything is made in high quality rustic wood, with the waiters and waitresses dressed appropriately (think cowgirls/cowboys minus the hats and six shooters). It is warm, friendly and the three 70” TV’s over at the bar are never so loud that you can’t have a conversation. 
  1. The Drinks. They have $4 all day drinks, such as pints of Coors Light, Molson Canadian and mixed drinks. It used to be that if you go to a bar, you’d be paying through the nose for a decent beer. Not the case here and something I personally look forward to as I can enjoy a drink with my meal without worrying about the bill.
  1. The Food. After all, this is why we’re here! They have everything from your standard nachos, potato skins and chicken fingers as appetizers all the way to their new Buttermilk Country Chicken, Southwest Brisket Chili and Rib Bites to name just a few. 

Just like you, I have lactose intolerance and a gluten intolerance, which can make going out to eat an interesting experience. BUT! I’ve had much of the menu and can say that there hasn’t been one time where I’ve had an issue, so this is perfect for us. Even the buttermilk chicken didn’t give me a problem (and I can say that this meal in particular is a favorite of mine and will be yours as well). And the ribs are large, and meaty, unlike other places where you wonder if they fed the cow…

I cannot recommend Montana’s highly enough. I’ve never left there hungry, and it looks like I’m not alone:

From Google Reviews:


“Went here for the first time last week. Our server was friendly and quick. He was very knowledgeable of the menu and helped us order. The prices are reasonable for the quality of the food. My boyfriend got ribs and wings and I ordered the Southwest Skillet. It was really good! Would order again.”


“There new fried chicken sandwich was really good along with the onion rings. The service was fast and the server Julie was nice, friendly and offered great customer service. Will for sure go back again.”


“Went for a work lunch meeting. Service was friendly, food was good and portions were good. Place was not overly busy which was nice. Food came out relatively fast. Would recommend the loaded pull apart bread.”


The waitress was great. She came by every once in a while to see if we needed anything. Best of all the food was great. The portions were plentiful and hot. This is the reason I like going to Montana’s, because everything is what you expect from a night out with family or friends. Thank you for restoring my desire to return for your delicious ribs.”


“Had dinner at Montana’s tonight. Enjoyed spinach dip, Canadian burger, ribs and shrimp. Very good. Also, Sierra, our server was fast, friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back.”

So, let’s join the “other” 873 people who love Montana’s and make your first time there special. I’ll pick you up at 5 PM.


Remember their all-you-can-eat ribs are available today only so we need to make sure we’re there before they run out, as you can see from the reviews above, they’re quite popular. And don’t worry about the bill (I know you’re trying to save up for a new house), this is on me. Let’s go fire it up!

Happy Birthday Bro!

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