Got questions? I've got answers!

If there's something that isn't answered here, just send me a message and I'll get back to you shortly...

Can you write in my brand's style?

Yes, I can! That's part of being a copywriter. It's why I'll ask "all the questions" such as what style of writing your customers love, but also what bores them to tears. I'll ask for your style guide, whether I can use contractions, etc.  What I write must match your brand's voice, so you can use it across your other media channels.


Are topics something I come up with?

Yes. You know your customers best, and my focus will be on making sure your copy and content match your market. The more technical things, such as keyword research, and SEO I'll handle, and the writing of course!


Do you charge by the hour?

The short answer here is: no. You're not paying for the time it takes, but for the value the finished work gives you across your business and marketing channels. 

Other benefits:

  • No need for onboarding, training or benefits, since I'm not on the payroll.
  • 20+ years of technical, web and writing know-how. 
  • Knowing what works and what doesn't.

How do you take payment?

My clients typically pay electronically, and I use Stripe for payments, which is highly secure. You can read more about those specifics here:


Do you charge sales tax?

Only Canadian clients are charged sales tax, either GST or HST depending on location. International clients won't see sales tax as part of the invoice as it's currently not required by the Canada Revenue Agency.


What currency do you charge in?

For Canadian clients, I bill in Canadian dollars ($CAD). For international clients, I bill in US dollars ($USD) as this saves both your books and mine from becoming too complicated (and likely saves the accountants some sanity too!).